> Logish

What is it?

Logish is sort of a journal for developers, engineers, or anyone that needs to take small, quick notes throughout the day. It's great for taking notes, documenting tasks, or just putting thoughts out there. It supports markdown, tagging, filtering, and works great on mobile devices.

The app is still a work in progress. I wanted to get it live as fast as possible so I could share it and get feedback. Would love to hear any feedback or ideas! Feel free to contact me via email.

Why would I want to use it?

I've found that my memory isn't so great. Keeping a dated record of my thoughts, actions, and requests helps me keep up with everything. There are many ways to use the app, but some of my personal highlights are:

  • Marking accomplishments I've made to highlight in my reviews
  • Documenting my thought process when making decisions (for later accountability)
  • Keeping track of requests or tasks that fall outside of my normal issue tracking software

Is it free?

Yes, and the current features, as well as the vast majority of new ones, will always be free. I may introduce a paid version with some premium features later if anyone is interested, but that is not my current focus.

Are there any limits?

Each log entry can have a max of 2k characters. I don't currently have a limit on the number of entries, but if I pickup enough users, I'll eventually have to have some limits.

Is it secure?

To the very best of my ability. This is not my first web app and I do my best to follow industry standards.
Don't use log entries to store passwords or other sensitive data like that.

Are you selling my data?

Absolutely not! I have no interest in selling user data. Eventually I'll put together a privacy policy, but for now, just know that this is a labor of love. If you ever want your data permanently deleted, just shoot me an email.

Who are you?

Tim Bennett, a developer from Memphis, TN, USA. Here's my personal website.